internet gaslighting turned internal

i’ve received so much positive support over the last few months in the form of kind words and stories and discussions. last night someone messaged me on instagram in response to a Sia related post on my story. the gist was, “what about Sia’s mental health?” my reaction… i immediately deleted their message and closedContinue reading “internet gaslighting turned internal”

“any questions? mask away”

the older i get the more hesitant i am to respond when someone says “any questions?”. especially a figure of power. because YES i have so many questions. your syntax was vague and i’m not sure exactly what you mean. or you did not provide enough information and i know that i need more informationContinue reading ““any questions? mask away””

nothing about us without us

^this feels like a simple concept. the release of Sia’s new project. what that feels like… it feels like knowing that the most powerful platforms in capitalism will always do what they can to help themselves (inspiration porn!!!) without actually researching the community they are portraying. it feels like knowing a simple donation of actualContinue reading “nothing about us without us”