society is constantly trying to make autistic people have more variety.

more variety in their food, in their communication, in their interests, etc. autistics are shamed and criticized for inflexibility and rigidness and unwillingness to change.

hmmmmmmm. you know what that sounds a lot like to me? the medical model of disability and chronic illness. or the way that providers understand and “treat” characteristics of autism.

there’s no variety. there’s no change in recommendations (40 hours of trauma for all). there’s no flexibility in where they get their resources. they refute the validity of our lived experience and carry on change free in the name of “medicine”. they find an “evidence based” “gold standard” and due to their inability to empathize with or listen seriously to the autistic community, (it’s like they ignore us on purpose), they have been unable to make progress despite our willingness to teach them.

#actuallyautistic #nothingaboutuswithoutus

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