ABA and behavioral based therapy for autistics is trauma.

supporting people/providers/centers who are pro aba/behavioral and continue to pretend it’s not harmful, is harmful.

autistic people notice what you do and don’t say, we know that if nearly all the people who “supported us” on social media also actively spoke out against Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) at work/in life, more changes would be happening.

if you don’t understand this please spend some time learning.

when i see people supporting ABA/behavioral approaches in general i immediately lose trust for them.

sometimes it’s people i don’t know at all but sometimes i see accounts online run by people who have been “supportive” in the past but they don’t understand to that fully supporting me means they might have to adjust their perspective and actions accordingly in both their own life and their professional life.

people often hide from autistics who are speaking out about ABA by claiming we’re too emotionally invested and our emotions shouldn’t ruin the livelihood of the ABA providers/greedy wealthy owners of ABA centers. so instead people pretend to listen to autistic people and then turn right around and continue to tolerate or support aspects of behavioral treatments and ABA. (profits over people welcome to our capitalist society)

i see y’all doing that and trust me i won’t forget it.

(because i’m autistic and my memory is fantastic).

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