just a theory

i’ve reached out to a few fellow SLPs on instagram who have a much larger following than i. i informed them of Sia’s actions and expressed hope they could share something, or really anyyything about it on their platform.

a handful of my closest humans (who honestly have never been anything but supportive, thanks y’all) have been sharing more and more autism advocacy posts this week. this honestly feels like someone built a statue about how much they love me. even when it’s not my content they share.

i’m autistic and i’m disabled. that is reality whether or not the people around me understand that or feel comfortable talking about it with me.

i’m a speech pathologist. i fucking love this field and i’m here to stay. autism and allllllllll.

none of the speech pages i reached out to have posted or shared (that i’ve seen so maybe i missed it) information about Sia’s recent harm to the autistic community.

do they feel the “inbetween, scared to be controversial, scared to offend people, slps must only be happy and peppy 24/7,” pressures that i used to?

at the end of the day, the field of speech pathology is going to catch up and see the ways that we can collectively improve our understanding autism and advocacy related to autism. it’s going to happen either way.

learn, advocate, BE UNCOMFORTABLE, it’s our job.

autistic speech paths are masking & existing everywhere. autistic humans are everywhere.

if you feel a uncertain way when you see activism and advocacy; its simply a nudge to educate the discomfort away and encourage you to be the leader and advocate you were trained to be.

join the party late? coooool welcome

used to support ABA and autism speaks? learn better and move on, no worries dude

still have person first language stuck in your head from grad school???? cool so did i but look how easy that stopped

don’t want to offend your autistic patient’s parents???? wellllll my dude get some backbone (which comes with education) bc the feelings of a traumatized autistic child are much much much more important

especially if you have no idea you’re autistic.

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