nothing about us without us

^this feels like a simple concept. the release of Sia’s new project. what that feels like…

it feels like knowing that the most powerful platforms in capitalism will always do what they can to help themselves (inspiration porn!!!) without actually researching the community they are portraying.

it feels like knowing a simple donation of actual money to actual autistic people and organizations would be a million times better than performative allyship that comes without awareness or proper execution.

i said it before and i’ll say it forever; intention means nothing without proper education, consultation, and informed execution.

it’s already something that can’t be escaped. i’ve only read text and screenshots of tweets. i intentionally did not look up the video.

incidentally, a fellow autie posted a screenshot of the trailer side by side with an actually autistic child next to it that was shared to show how the neurotypical actress “studied” her on youtube and that’s partially who she is trying to portray.

i glanced at this image for a millisecond before i realized and kept scrolling. it’s still burned in to my brain. the actress holding a padded ipad case, wearing noise cancelling headphones, and what appeared to be a weird oral posture to jut out her teeth?!?!?!

knowing that with all this outrage from our community that project will likely continue on to perpetuate hate and ignorance and it will seep into the highest levels of society. adding to our fight.

we are all hurt and we are all tired.

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